Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Boogity, boogity, boogity...

let's go racing!

After many years of nagging pushing from JP, I finally broke down and agreed to go with him to a NASCAR race. I must admit that I had a much better time than I thought I would, but instead of me telling you about our day, why don't I just show you!

Amy & Chad joined us at the Lowe's Motor Speedway...

as did Callahan (and Lindsay in spirit).

Jason and Lauren (and Baby Eleazer) also decided that this sounded like entirely too much fun to pass up, so they also went along!

We obviously brought entirely too much food - but hey, nobody got hungry.

Amy got to meet the Maytag guy

and she won this cool shirt from the people tailgating beside us (you'll meet them in a minute).

This is Lee - he was part of the 'Members Only' tailgating crew. They definitely made our LONG day one we won't soon forget. If you'll notice here, he has his microphone and speakers that he is using to introduce all of the tailgaters around him. He and his crew had the entire day of tailgating planned out, and it was THE funniest thing I have ever been a part of:)

Here is Lee demonstrating how to compete in the 'NASCAR Egg on a Spoon' race.

And, Jason's first up from our group to compete.

Now it's Callahan's turn and he is NOT willing to lose. Look at the foot work:)

And the winner is...

Callahan! He won both of these NICE Dale Earnhardt shirts....

that obviously don't fit! And, because he set a new course record, he also won a nice basket of lotion and body spray!

Now, the games did not end here.

There was also a Cheeze Whiz eating contest (but I'm pretty sure Callahan was the only one who participated),

a raffle,

and last, but not least, Cornhole!

This would be a picture of myself and my teammate - right after we got beat!

Me in action...check out that form!

My teammate (yes, in the mullet) and Jason.

A picture of the WINNERS (I guess the mullet was good luck)!!!!

Just enjoying some down time after all of the activities.

When this flew over, every smart aleck comment that COULD be made, was made!

Once we finally got to go in, I was amazed! It was enormous.

Green, green, green!

Oh, and just in case you were worried that I got bored during the race, I did NOT! This man provided ALL of us with plenty of entertainment:)

Jason, of course, met a new friend,

and I FINALLY got to watch Jr. race (although he did not do well).

Callahan got mad because Kyle Busch was leading,

Lauren thought it was funny because that's who she was pulling for,

and Tony Stewart got the last laugh because he won the race in the last two laps!

But I must say that the best part of the whole day was that I got to spend it with my wonderful husband!