Sunday, September 7, 2014

What a week!

I think I have experienced some of the highest of highs and lowest of lows this week.  We began with Becca starting 4K kindergarten.  She has been looking forward to this moment for over a year.  Last Friday, we got to go visit her teacher and her classroom.  Her and Hayes are not in the same class, but they right next door to each other.
In case you can’t tell, she’s a little excited.

Monday was Labor Day, so we went to the parade in Chapin.  We met up with a lot of friends, and both of the kids really enjoyed it.

 Finally, it was Tuesday and time for preschool.  Becca has been waiting so long for this day to come, and then the night before, she got really nervous and started crying.  I was already a little sad simply because 4k meant my little girl was growing up, but this really did me in.  We said a prayer together that night and the next morning on the way to school, and by the time we got there, she was ready!

The last picture is Becca with her teacher, Mrs. Beth.

She had a great first week, and we couldn’t be happier.  After this momentous occasion, the bottom dropped out.  Jack, our oldest black lab, has had a rough summer.  We knew the end was quickly approaching, but after Monday night, we knew if was here.  We made the decision Tuesday evening to put him to sleep.  This was quite possibly one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever had to make, but we also knew we didn’t want him to suffer.  We spent our last night with him, told B we were taking him to the doctor so she could tell him goodbye, and then waited 3 agonizing hours until our 10:00 appointment Wednesday morning.  Our hearts are crushed.  There are no other words to describe it.  Jack was Jeremy’s dog, he was part of Jeremy’s life before me, and he was Jeremy’s best friend.  That was the hardest part for me – watching my husband tell him goodbye.  They had a bond that not many people experience, and I know there will never be another Jack.

 Some of you may remember, but I had some pictures taken of Jack and Becca for Jeremy as a Christmas present one year.  Becca was about 7 months old, and Jessica Edenfield of Hatton’s Photography came to our house one Saturday morning while Jeremy was hunting to take these pictures.  I had no idea how incredibly amazing they would be!  6 of them are currently hanging in our house, and we will always cherish them.  Jessica was kind enough to post a few of them on FB yesterday, and I love being able to share them with all of you.  They are priceless!

JP's Black Jack of the South
November 14, 1998 - September 3, 2014

Well, life has to go on, and I had a first birthday party to finish planning.  My BABY was turning 1 on Saturday, and I had a lot to do.  Our theme was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and I think it turned out well (other than the fact he got sick that night).  I want to do a separate post on his party, but I will share a few pictures with you to show that at least my week ended on a high note!

 Happy birthday to our sweet little man.  I can’t believe it’s already been a year, but you definitely are a light when the world seems dark!