Friday, July 26, 2013

A little comparison

I was looking back at Becca's last ultrasound to see if these two were going to look anything like each other.  Let's see what you all think!

So, what do you think?  Any similarities?

Monday, July 22, 2013

6 weeks & counting…

Baby Walker is continuing to grow – a lot!  To catch everyone up, at my 29 week appointment, my stomach was measuring 32 weeks, so they were a little concerned about his size.  At my 31 week appointment, they did an ultrasound to get his measurements.  They said he weighed 4 pounds 7 ounces at that point which put him in the 76%.  Definitely NOT small, but they weren’t concerned.  They said he may not continue to grow at the same rate, so there’s still a chance he will be average sized. 

Today, we went to Wee See to get some pictures of our big boy.  It was great to see him and how much he’s changed.  It’s been about a week and a half since our last ultrasound, and according to the tech, he weighs 5 lbs 1 oz.  He wasn’t very cooperative today – he kept his face turned towards my spine, and when he would turn his head, he kept his hands up.  But we were still able to get some sweet shots:)

BABY 2013_8

BABY 2013_9

chewing on his finger and smiling

BABY 2013_14

another sweet smile

BABY 2013_17

this is how he stayed most of the time

BABY 2013_18

at least we were able to see that he has all of his fingers

BABY 2013_23

this is his back – with lots of rolls

BABY 2013_26

a little manly profile

BABY 2013_31

The closest we got to a front shot.  Such a sweet face!

Becca was able to go with me today, and I don’t think she quite knew what to think.  She was very quiet throughout the entire ultrasound, but I think she really enjoyed it.  Hearing his heartbeat is her favorite. 

I go back to the doctor Wednesday, and we will schedule my c-section.  It’s a little scary to think we’ve only got 6 weeks until this little man makes his debut!  I’m definitely nervous about having 2 children, but looking forward to meeting this sweet man.