Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oh ‘Two’dles

Well, we made it!  Becca is officially 2 (and 18 days).  This Mommy did much better with turning 2 than I did when she turned 1.  I was a basket case before her first birthday, and this time I was just stressed with all of the party planning I put off until the last minute.  With the help of Pinterest (seriously my new favorite website) I planned a great ‘non cheesy’ Mickey party.  I must confess that I didn’t get to everything I wanted, but I thought it turned out great and I got lots of compliments on the d├ęcor.  So without further ado, here are the pictures from the big day!
Becca had so much fun at her party.  The bounce house and slide were a big hit, and she was over the moon that all of her friends came over to play.  Last week we had her 2 year checkup -  which is still hard to believe.  Here are some facts about Becca:
  • She weighs 32 pounds (93rd percentile)
  • She is 35.5 inches tall (90th percentile)
  • Her head circumference is 19 inches (75th percentile)
  • She got her Hepatitis A vaccine, and she even tee-teed in a cup.
  • Dr. G said she was perfect and to keep doing what we’re doing.
  • She is still in a size 5 diaper.
  • She wears mostly 18-24 months or 2T.
  • Her vocabulary is astronomical.  She speaks in complete sentences, and she constantly amazes us with new words and phrases.
  • She knows her ABC’s and can count to 20.
  • She is very smart.  I know a lot of parents say that about their children, but she truly amazes us with all she knows.
  • Hanna is her BFF and Hayes is her ‘boyfriend’.
  • She loves going to Nat’s.
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einsteins are her favorite shows.
  • Her favorite place to go is the Zoo.  She loves all of the animals, but feeding the giraffes is her favorite.
  • They are building a new high school down the road from us, and she can now identify the trackhoes.  She is fascinated with them and is constantly telling us she wants to ride them.
  • She is still sleeping in her crib – mainly because I like her being ‘contained’.
  • She has definitely hit the 2 year old stage – meltdowns, attitude, wanting everything she sees.
  • She goes to bed about 7:30 and we usually have to wake her up at 6:30 the next morning.
  • She has to have her Lovey & blanket when she goes to sleep.
  • We HAVE to say prayers before we eat and before she goes to sleep.  It makes me so happy to know that she already talks with God.
  • While she mostly sleeps through the night, bedtime has definitely become somewhat of an issue lately.  Sometimes she has to lay in Mommy & Daddy’s bed to fall asleep OR she wakes up in the middle of the night and we just put her in bed with us because we’re too tired to stay awake and get her back to sleep.  I know it’s a bad habit, but deep down I like snuggling with her sometimes.
  • She LOVES Taylor Swift songs – especially Mean.  She also loves Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean and Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith.  I know, I know, not the best songs, but it’s cute all the same.
  • She’s still in gymnastics and loving it.  I love that she gets to be a part of a structured class where she has to listen to others.  It makes me happy to see her following directions because we don’t witness that a lot at home.
  • She is obsessed with babies – especially Baby Josie (at Nat’s) and Baby Shelby (Allison’s sweet girl).
  • She still loves to read books and that makes my heart happy.
  • We are working hard on manners.  ie. yes mam/sir, thank you, please, etc.
  • She loves for me to sing to her – ha! 
  • She loves playing outside – especially when Daddy takes her for rides on his 4-wheeler.
  • Her favorite toys are her grocery carts and kitchen.
  • We are working on potty training...some.  She will tee-tee in the potty when you take her, and on days when we are feeling motivated, we put her in big girl panties around the house, and usually does really well.
  • She constantly asks Daddy for ‘monies’ so she can put them in her piggy bank.
  • At church on Sunday morning AND evening, she wants to put money in the collection plate.  If you ask her who she’s giving her money to, she’ll tell you God:)
  • She has her daddy wrapped around her finger (and I absolutely love it).
  • She loves giving kisses and hugs.
  • My heart melts when says, “I love you too, Mommy.”
She is the light of our lives.  While it’s hard to believe it’s alreay been 2 years, I really can’t remember life without her.  She keeps us on our toes, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I thank God every day for giving her to us – for trusting us to raise her.  I try very hard to savor every moment and not take anything for granted. 
Becca – I love you to the moon and back little girl.  You are my angel, my blessing from God.  I pray that you will grow up to be a Christian woman who lives for God.  You have filled an emptiness in my life that I didn’t know was there.  My cup runneth over with love for you.  Thank you for being mine, Punky Doodle!