Thursday, December 8, 2011

occupy d.c.

i can't believe i haven't blogged about the trip jp and i took to washington, d.c. two months ago.
well, i can believe it, but it still makes me feel slack.
it was an amazing trip.  jp and i went alone - no baby - and while we missed her SO much, we had so much fun together.  i haven't been to d.c. since 9th grade, and jp, while he was born there, hasn't been back since he was a baby.

we arrived on thursday, and since we were staying in arlington, va. we decided to go ahead and visit arlington national cemetery.   this place truly takes your breath away.  

 it is very sobering to look at the graves of all of those who gave their lives for our country.

 and you absolutely cannot visit there without watching the changing of the guards.

 it is amazing how precise they are.  i could sit there all day and watch them.

 i think this summed it up perfectly.

the next day we ventured into downtown, and one of the first things we saw were the 'occupy d.c.' people.  it was quite the site!

i really can't believe that people are living there!

our next stop was the white house...

complete with secret service on the roof!

there was something going on out on the front lawn, but we couldn't see who was out there.

the washington monument was amazing, but we couldn't get close because it was closed due to the recent earthquakes in virginia.

the WWII memorial was one of the places i absolutely had to visit.

it too was amazing.

and to top it off, there was an honor flight from oregon there visiting.
it was amazing to see these special people have the opportunity to visit a memorial created in their honor.

we finished our day with a visit to the lincoln memorial,

the vietnam wall,

and finally the capital.

we even took a picture of the two of us:)

our last day we visited alexandria, va.
we went to a section known as 'old town' that is full of little shops and restaurants.
we just walked around, but it was a great end to our trip.

there was even a man set up outside a restaurant playing the water glasses.

our trip was wonderful.  we couldn't fit it all in, but we made it everywhere we wanted to go.  i definitely want to go back when becca is older so she can experience all of this with us.