Tuesday, October 18, 2011

an adventure in apple picking

a few weeks ago, lauren and i decided to take the babies to hendersonville, nc to go apple picking.  we left on a friday evening, and by the time we got there that night (at 9:00) i think we began to realize we might have bit off a little more than we could chew.  after spending almost half an hour unpacking the car, with the babies in tow, we finally began to settle down for the night.  we felt certain the babies would sleep since they went to sleep WAY past their bedtime, but let's just say that didn't happen.
needless to say, after a little bit of a sleepless night, we all woke up saturday morning ready to go pick apples.

these sweet babies started their day off by reading together.  oh how they melt me.
we took our time getting ready, and then off we went to sky top.

i should have known by how things had been going, that nothing about this day was going to be easy, but oh how i wasn't prepared for what lay ahead. 
but enough of that, here's a look at all of the fun we had!

the orchard was beautiful, and i hate that i didn't get a picture that showed this.

there was a variety of apples to choose from, and for us 'first timers,' there were signs pointing the way.

these babies had so much fun, even if they did spend most of their time picking up apples off the ground.

i think becca's favorite part was getting to carry the basket!

apples aren't the only thing grown at the orchard, but the only thing in season at the time.

lauren and i definitely had our hands full, so we were very thankful that aunt wiwi met us there and helped out with the babies.  she even climbed trees to pick fresh apples for us!

i love that i get to do things like this with my sweet girl.  it is so fun to watch the amazement in her eyes at the simplest things...

one of the things i was looking forward to, was taking pictures of hayes and becca in front of the 'how tall this fall?' sign.  
well, let's just say that once again things didn't go exactly as planned.
but then again, how often do things go as planned with two toddlers?

 there was also a small pumpkin patch that becca played in.

 she's a very determined little girl...

but sometimes we must all admit defeat!

we had such a good time, and we're already looking forward to going back next year - with the daddies of course! 

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