Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So, I may have bragged one too many times about how good of a sleeper Becca is was.  Literally, she has always LOVED to sleep.  She was sleeping through the night at just a few weeks old.  She always went right to bed - no rocking or anything.
Now, all of that has changed.  For about a month now, bedtime has been somewhat of a nightmare - excuse the pun:)  It began with tears when it was time to lay down.  After a few days of that, she started climbing out of her crib.  We fixed that by converting her crib to the toddler bed.  Well, it was all over from there.  Every time we would lay her down, she would get up & stand at her door and scream.  I don't mean cry loudly, I mean SCREAM!  And she WOULD.NOT.STOP. 
Now, thanks to a Mickey Mouse nightlight Nat gave her, she WILL lay down in her bed when it's time to go to sleep, but we have to stay in there with her until she falls asleep - which is sometimes over an hour.  I try to be patient and remember that this is just a phase ( I hope ), but sometimes that is easier said than done. 
I guess this is what happens when you brag talk about what a great sleeper your child is - you get paid back!

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