Thursday, February 19, 2009

this one's for bobby

So, who can guess what this is a picture of????

Give up???

This is our new insulation. It is icynene spray foam insulation. HBS Foam Insulation , the company we went through, spent two days working in our house, and they did a great job! Thanks Bobby:) We are very excited that this next step of the building process is completed. Here are more pictures of what the house looks like with the insulation.

family room

ceiling in the family room

Now that the insulation is done, we just have to pass inspection tomorrow. Say lots of prayers (this is always a very stressful time for J.P.) If all goes well with the inspection, they will begin hanging sheetrock on Monday. I am very excited to see the walls go up because then it will really start looking like a house on the inside.

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