Sunday, February 22, 2009

Special birthdays for special friends...

we all helped them celebrate as their twenties came to an end!
In the past two months, two of my wonderful friends celebrated their 30th birthdays.

Back in January, Courtney celebrated the big milestone of turning 30! Here she is showing off some of her gifts.

In deciding what we could do to embarrass help her remember her past, we decided upon this lovely cake with this wonderful picture.
Note the bangs, braces, & shirt:) - ok maybe that last comment wasn't necessary - how could you miss them?

Even though we shared one of her better pictures with all of her friends, Courtney was a great sport & we all had a great time!

It just so happened that Lindsay turned 30 about a month later, which meant we got to be party planners all over again:)
Here she is posing for the camera (once you see the next picture, you'll understand).

Now we knew how much Courtney LOVED her cake, so we just had to return the favor to Lindsay.
(Notice the pose) This wonderful picture was from her Razzle Dazzle days!

We tried to think of what else we could do to ensure that Lindsay had a fantastic 30th birthday, and that's where the t-shirt idea came into play. Now I know that these look like they were made by professionals, but nope, we did it ourselves with some shirts, an iron, and a couple of old pictures. Lindsay too was a great sport, and I must say, the shirts were a hit:)

To Courtney & Lindsay:
I want to thank you both for being such great friends. You girls are amazing and I couldn't imagine not having you in my life. I feel blessed to know you and I'm glad that I was able to be there to help celebrate this wonderful time in your lives.

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