Monday, June 1, 2009

Not much longer

Here's a quick update about what's been going on the past month or so:
* we have lights
* we have countertops
* we have a banister
* we have the railings on the front and back porch
* we are very tired because all we do is work on the house

Haha! So, please don't take that last point as a complaint. I am very excited about our house, however, I am ready for it to be done/completed/ready to be moved in to! We got a lot done this weekend, and HOPEFULLY will be ready for the final inspection next week sometime. The hardwoods are being sanded & stained as we speak, and carpet is scheduled to be installed this Saturday.
Thanks to everyone who has kept up with this whole process. We are so appreciative of your excitement for us. Please forgive us for being unsocial. We promise this will change as soon as we move in catch up on a months worth of sleep.
Here are some pictures from the weekend. We had lots of visitors - one very special visitor:)

my foyer chandelier

another view

dining room chandelier


kitchen with countertops

another view of the kitchen

master bathroom

Jack helping out on Saturday

JP working

me working - yes I know how to use power tools

Johnny finishing the banister

Johnny - a lifesaver:) He helped JP with all of the trim.

Heather, Travis, and Morgan Kate came by for their 1st visit:)
Not pictured: Travis

More visitors - Lindsay, Callahan, & Candler

Lindsay & Candler
Not pictured: Callahan
Not really sure why none of the husbands ended up in the pictures.

Candler helping AA

My WONDERFUL husband working hard on the front porch

Yes, I even have my own toolbelt:)

working hard....

hardly working:)
just kidding!

My 3 loves

The front porch - almost done.
We will paint the railing, but we have to wait for the treated wood to dry out some.


I got to hold Morgan Kate for the very first time:) She is such a sweet baby. So happy! I am absolutely in love. (And JP thinks she's the cutest thing ever)
If you're not familiar with Morgan Kate, she is the daughter of our friends Travis and Heather. Morgan Kate was born at just over twenty-five weeks gestation, weighing in at a tiny one pound, twelve ounces. Although she was in the hospital for several months and has had to overcome many obstacles in her short life, she is a happy, healthy 9 month old now. She is nothing short of a miracle. Because of her prematurity she has not been able to be around others until recently. Obviously that is no longer the case, and I was absolutely overjoyed that I FINALLY got to love on her. What a blessing.
Thank you Travis and Heather AND Lindsay and Callahan for stopping by and giving me the chance to love on your sweet babies:)

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Kathy Hardison said...

Your house is just beautiful and you are making such progress! Love the pic of you and MK! She will steal your heart, won't she?