Monday, September 14, 2009

Pregnancy Thus Far

So, a lot of people have been asking me how I've been feeling, so I decided to make a list.

I must preface this list by letting everyone know that I LOVE that I'm pregnant! Jeremy and I both know what a blessing this is:)

BUT, if I'm being honest, here's how I've felt since being pregnant:
* nauseous
* extrememly tired - unlike anything I've ever experienced before
* acid reflux - again unlike anything I've ever experienced
* only moody at the beginning - JP's appreciated that
* Cravings - I don't have the same cravings day to day - it varies. Saturday it was Krispy Kreme doughnuts, today it was a turkey sandwich with Hellman's mayo, and one day last week it was a cheeseburger
* I've only been irrational a couple of times - once was this morning when JP (in all of his sweetness) was making the above mentioned sandwich and forgot that I had asked for Hellman's mayo and instead used Duke's Lite mayo. When I freaked out politely reminded him that I wanted the other mayo, he very calmly made me a new sandwich.
I know, I know - Bless his heart!
* I no longer care if my house gets cleaned or if the laundry gets done - I only want to eat and sleep.
* I've been a little more emotional - but I'm already an emotional person, so I don't think this has bothered JP.
* I'm learning to let go of the fact that I'm going to gain weight - I've been telling myself that it's too early to gain any weight, but I've finally realized that at some point the scale has got to go up. So why not let it be today?

Ok, now that I've shared the joys of my pregnancy thus far, I want to remind everyone that I am thrilled that we're going to have a baby. I just hope that in the next couple of weeks my body will be thrilled too!

As a side note, it has been decided that our baby will be known as BP until we decide on the official name:)
Our friend Lindsay came up with this one night because I kept referring the baby as Baby Pyle. She immediately said "Call him/her BP." When JP heard this, there was no other option.

Let's just hope that once BP gets here, he won't still insist on calling him/her by that name:)


Anonymous said...

Ha, so glad I was able to chip in on a pre-name for the baby! I feel your pain with the morning sickness and can only say that at some point it will get better! It is crazy how this little thing inside of you can cause you so much greif at the beginning. But, it is like they say, the sicker you are, then you are having a healthy baby! We are still so happy for you and JP, ya'll are going to make great parents. By the way, we need to give JP husband of the year award, ha. He actually makes your lunch? I am lucky if I can get Callahan to take Aztec out in the morning, ha! Have a good one:)

Kathy Hardison said...

Luckily it does get better and energy does return! Hang in there and just sleep as much as you can :)

Allison said...

You can call him BP if you would like but I am sticking with hyman:)