Sunday, September 20, 2009

Still going strong

So this past week has better. I haven't felt AS sick, which I'm hoping means this is all going away! No major breakdowns or crazy cravings, and I actually cleaned the house yesterday while JP was hunting!

This week has also brought a new first - my belly is poking out and my pants are starting to get tight. It's not too bad in the morning, but by lunch time I'm scared to go to the bathroom because I'm worried I won't be able to zip my pants up again.

Now, some of you might be thinking that it's way too early to have a belly (yes, I've had the same thoughts) but I haven't gained any weight since I got pregnant. I'm not sure how since I don't want anything remotely healthy to eat, but everytime I get on the scale it tells me the same number. Anyways, I'm hoping this is another sign that maybe I won't gain 100 pounds during this pregnany (which was a very real fear of mine since I LOVE to eat!)

So, here's my first official belly shot taken at the beginning of the week!


Anonymous said...

Carol said:
Maybe you do need an ultrasound. No weight gain, tummy protruding.... Oh my, what could this mean? BP or BPs, just kidding. Maybe you just take after me. Ha!
Glad you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Wow just to think of our beautiful baby growing so fast!!!!
Sorry you have been sick. I have been there, it is a challenge!!
Glad you are so healthy!!!
I go shopping but untill we know pink or blue its frustrating!!!
I love to shop for the grandchildren----all three of them!! What a wondwerful sound three of them.
I am so blessed!!!!!!!!!