Wednesday, October 7, 2009

truly amazing

Well, here we are at 12 weeks. The past 3 weeks have been a little rough. The 'all day sickness' that I've had has been horrible. The acid reflux that I've had has been agonizing. The gallbladder problems (that I've self-diagnosed myself with) have been horrendous.

But all of that aside, I have also experienced some TRULY AMAZING THINGS!

I had the opportunity this past Saturday to participate in the Breast Cancer Walk for Life. If you've never done this, you must add this to your 'Bucket List'. I cannot begin to describe how overwhelming it was to see so many people, walking for those who have been affected by this devastating disease. I did the walk with my friend Lauren, whose mother is currently battling cancer.

Mary finished her chemo for breast cancer last August, but in March doctors found a spot on her liver and a spot on her spine. We have been praying, praying, praying for her, and she is fighting this cancer with all that she has.
If you don't know Mary, I hope that one day you have the opportunity to meet her.

When Lauren and I decided to do the walk we thought it would be fun to make our own shirts because unfortunately, we both have people very close to us who have fought breast cancer.

My Grandma was also diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been in remission for years and we are thankful everyday for that! My Grandma is one of my favorite people in the world. My Grandma is my happiness, and I love her to the moon and back:)

I didn't have my camera the day of the walk, so I wasn't able to take pictures of Lala and I in our shirts - however, here are pictures I took today.
*Please excuse the fact that it is extremely wrinkled. It's been balled up in the laundry basket since Saturday.*

Now, on to the pregnancy! We have officially completed 12 weeks. We had our 2nd doctor's appointment today - no ultrasound, but we did get to hear the heartbeat (for a whole 3 seconds)

Our doctor was obviously in a hurry, but it was wonderful to actually 'hear' the baby!
The doctor said he only heard one heartbeat - 'for now' he so graciously added.

My stomach has grown, but I haven't gained a whole lot of weight (yet). From my last appointment I had gained 4 pounds, but total weight gain has only been 2 pounds (since I lost some weight in the first couple of weeks).

I'm going on the record to say that I'm going to TRY really hard to gain no more than 25-30 pounds during this pregnancy, but I'm not making any promises!

I'm sure I will look back at this post sometime in the future and be really happy I decided to post THAT goal on the internet, but I'm hoping it will help keep me motivated to not eat everything I can shove in my mouth:)

Well, even though I've been slack with posting on the blog, I promise that I will have a new post for you Monday or Tuesday. We are going back to the doctor on Monday for the ultrasound that we begged for very maturely asked for:)
Ok, now I feel like I need to justify that. I really just feel like a medical professional needs to LOOK at my baby and make sure everything is OK before 20 weeks. Pushing around on my uterus is great and all, but actually seeing the baby will make US feel much better!

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