Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all

October has been a great month and it's hard to believe that it's almost over! Here are some pictures from the month.
And make sure you read all the way to the end for the big announcement!

We carved pumpkins (for the first time in years) with Lala and Jason!

Note the Dutch Fork sweatshirt I am wearing:) I borrowed it from Lala - JP was not happy!

Here are the products of our hard work! Feel free to tell us which pumpkin you like the best.

Lala & Jason's pumpkin

My pumpkin - yes, I'm well aware the he looks 'special' as Bubba put it.

And finally, JP's pumpkin. He was very proud of himself!


I've also had the opportunity to visit more with Baby Abby. She gets more beautiful every time I see her.

On this particular visit she got to wear her outfit I bought her:)

I know it's hard to read what's on the outfit, so I'll help you out.

This sweet outfit says:

Who wouldn't love this sweet thing?

And last, but not least, a new belly shot. Here we are at 15 weeks.
NOTE: This picture was changed this morning because I looked absolutely enormous in the one we took last night!

So, here's the big announcement:

Next Saturday, Nov. 7th, JP and I will find out the sex of BP!

Let me explain - since we will not have our next ultrasound with our doctor until I'm 21 weeks, we decided to cheat a little.
There is a place in Columbia called Wee See which is a facility where you can go to have ultrasounds performed. Here we can go at 16 weeks and find out whether BP is a little girl or little boy. Our friends Lindsay and Callahan did this a couple of months ago and were able to find out 4 weeks early that they were expecting a girl.
We are beyond excited that we'll know the sex in a week and a half.

Make sure you check the blog next week because I'm going to have a poll for everyone to cast their vote as to whether they think I'm having a girl or boy:)

I hope everyone has a very happy halloween!


Anonymous said...

I love you both so much, and well baby i already adore him/her.
The pumpkins are great!!!
I didn't know Jeremy was so artistic.
I'm waiting on the call on the 7th!!!!Yea!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can't wait to find out what ya'll are having. You know my guess is girl, but probably will turn out to be a boy. I know just how exciting this is for you two, can't wait. Love the pumpkins and the pics of my sweet Abby! Call me this week and of course come see us again soon. I am going a bit stir crazy in the house these days, agghh! Not that I do not love being here with Abby, but I am getting a little bit of cabin fever. Have a good rest of the week and talk with you soon.

Anonymous said...

Think I'm beginning to see the "pregnancy glow"


Anonymous said...

I think JP's Pumkin is the best! He should enter contests.