Monday, November 2, 2009

Boy or Girl?

No, we do not know the answer to that question yet (although JP will assure you that this baby is a girl)!
We will however find out this Saturday - providing the baby cooperates:)

So, it's time to vote.

One of the pages in my baby book one of my THREE baby books

...has a place for you to write down who thinks the baby is a girl and who thinks it's a boy.

I'd like to include as many of our family and friends on these pages as possible. So, here's your task:
1) Leave a comment at the end of this post
2) Tell us whether you think BP is a girl or boy
3) Make sure you include your name (if your post comes up anonymous)

That's it! Very easy!
And we'll reveal the results this weekend after our appointment.

So, here's one last look at my belly before you vote:)

I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks (because I truly have NO idea!)


Anonymous said...

Gotta guess a girl! You are carrying just the way I did with Molley! Either way I am so happy you guys are having a baby. It is truly the best thing you can ever imagine!


Anonymous said...

From your friend and minister, Brother Mickey Its a boy for sure! Well at least its a 50/50 shot! A beautiful baby girl would be wonderful! I guess we'll know for sure in just a little while. God is good! You are always in my prayers.

Heather and Travis said...

Hmmm....I really have no clue and I am not good at guessing this type of thing. But for the sake of the game, I am guessing girl. Morgan Kate would love a new girlie friend!

Anonymous said...

I'm going with....GIRL:)
Christy King

Anonymous said...

It's going to be a boy, gotta keep that Pyle name going.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess boy.

But my guess is not too reliable...I was SURE Caleb was a girl. I made the ultrasound tech check twice just to be sure. Clear as day...boy!

-Emily Padula

Anonymous said...

It is Lala and Jason. We have two votes that it is a girl! I just get confused with these things! Looking back at that pic of me at the place you are at makes me second guesss but 50/50 shot, so we say girl!

Anonymous said...

Yay! It's a GIRL!!! Yay!!!

Sherry Page

Anonymous said...

Yay! It's a BOY!!! Yay!!!

Sherry Page

Anonymous said...

The saying goes... "Boys bring you beauty and girls take it away." I'm guessing BOY! You look fabulous! Can't wait to hear!
Much love,
Amy Black-Lea

Sadler Family said...

It is a girl...I just know this.

Anonymous said...

Totally a girl! :)
Amanda you are too cute! You will have the most wonderful baby no matter if it is a girl or a boy.

Keep it up! You're doin' great!

Aaron Moore

Emilie said...

hhmmm....I'm thinking GIRL!

Kerri said...

well, if I am calculating this correctly, the Chinese gender predictor says it will be a boy!

Anonymous said...


From the way you are carring (just like me) I am gonna go with a baby girl! Ya'll deserve a princess! Good Luck!

Christine Lee

Anonymous said...

I am thinking a girl simply because you started showing so quickly. That is what happened to me when I was pregnant with Sara. Maybe it was because she was my 2nd pregnancy. Still going with a GIRL!!

Love, Jennifer Pauly

Tessa Cucullu said...

My guess is it's a boy but since I am always wrong, it's a girl. Bank on it.

Did I mention that Tessa is a beautiful name for a baby girl!!

Anonymous said...

It is a boy. It has to be a boy! Little boys are drawn to you. :)Heather Williams

Rachel K said...

I have a feeling it's a boy, but I think you guys would be so cute with a little girl. I thought for sure I was having a boy. I even had several dreams about it. I almost couldn't believe it when the doc said girl. Either way, Juliana is looking forward to another (second?) cousin.

Anonymous said...

boy :)


Anonymous said...

boy !!!!

Allan Shull

Anonymous said...

A boy!!!

Although I'd love another Grand Daughter.
This baby will be so beautiful!!!!

I Love You three!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Baby Pyle is a girl. I have to agree with another post that you are carrying the same way I did. Besides, it would be an awful lot of fun if both of us had girls!
Love you guys!

Lindsey Mobley

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you guys and can't wait to hear the news this weekend. Ryan and I both say it's a boy.

Anonymous said...

I pinch myself sometimes to make sure I'm not in a dream.
That's how it seems.
There you are turning Winter into Spring!
Everyone that sees you always wants to know you
Everyone that knows you always has a smile.
Your a standing ovation
after years of waiting for a chance to shine.
Everyone calls you amazing---------
I just call you mine!!!!

My precious grandchild. I have been waiting for you!!!!
Both of your grandmothers adore you.

(Your Song: I Just Call You Mine/ Martina McBride)

I Love You baby Pyle!!

Anonymous said...

Baby Pyle is a girl! Can't wait to meet her!

Great Aunt Patti

Anonymous said...

I think JP is right! I am going with a beautiful baby girl!

Can't wait to find out the results!

Stephanie Langley

Anonymous said...

I think boy, you didn't stay sick long enough. Plus, I really don't want JP to dress his daughter in all camo and deer blood! :)
Love ya,
Terri Pope

Anonymous said...

I am thinking girl. Not really sure why... but girl.


Anonymous said...

Carol Herlong said:

My first thought when I learned you were pregnant was that you would have a boy. Logic (Pyle's family history)tells me you will have a girl.

I'll agree with JP. BP is a little princess.


Anonymous said...

Becky Hinton AKA Great Grandmother said:

BP is a girl! Aunt Patti, your mom, and Uncle Jim had girls first.


Anonymous said...

Think it's a boy, but if it's a girl ya'll will be truly blessed with either one.
Love to you all,
Mom AnnaBell