Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Ok, so once again I'm beginning this post with an apology - an apology for not keeping the blog updated (at least not much over the past 6 weeks)! So, I'm going to try my best to give a quick update about what the 3 of us have been up to!

15 weeks:

I was in a car accident on the way to work one morning. I was rear-ended on the interstate and then pushed into the car in front of me and the concrete median. I wasn't hurt - just scared for the baby. After spending all day in the ER and then labor & delivery, we found out that BP was fine:)

16 weeks:

This was a big week for us because we found out that we were having a little girl:)

We weren't supposed to find out the gender of BP until our 21 week ultrasound at the doctors office, however, we couldn't wait so we went to Wee See.
Our little angel wasn't being very cooperative that day, and after 25 minutes, she finally decided to uncross her ankles so we could tell she was a little girl:)
Here are some of the ultrasound pictures from that day:

After our appointment at Wee See, we went straight to the hospital to visit the newest member of the Eleazer family - Baby Hayes.
We actually went to the hospital that morning before our appointment, but Hayes waited until about 5 minutes after we left to make his big debut!

18 weeks:
JP was getting ready to leave for his hunting trip to Kansas, so we decided to put up the tree so I could enjoy it while he was gone!
Please ignore the crooked star at the top - I would love to say that it's now fixed, but it's not. It's still sitting atop our tree, leaning a little to the left.

19 weeks:
This was a VERY long week for me. JP was gone for 9 days, and let's just say I did not enjoy my time alone. I HATE being home alone, so this was very challenging for me.
He was gone over Thanksgiving and we (Grace and I) missed him very much:(

20 weeks:
JP made it home safely and we finally finished decorating the house.
This year we had a lot of fun decorating because it's the first year we've really been able to decorate.

So, BP finally has a name - well, a first name.
Our sweet baby's name is Rebecca, but we will call her Becca. She will be named after my Grandma whom I love dearly.
Here is her stocking that hangs with the other 4 on the mantel.

And I couldn't post about our Christmas decorations without a picture of my JP, up on the roof, hanging the lights on the outside of the house.
Oh, and did I mention these lights happen to be colored icicle lights with colored lights wrapped around the banister on the front porch.
I plan to post pics soon of the outside - it was just way too cold to go out and take a picture tonight:)

21 weeks:
And here we are, finally up to date! This was another big week for us because we got to see our sweet girl again.
I am still amazed that this wonderful, perfect baby girl is growing inside of me. I feel her move ALL of the time and it makes me smile. Here are some pictures of our ultrasound from yesterday:

She was much more cooperative this time - obviously!

Her sweet profile:)
And, we got to see what she actually looks like with the 4D ultrasound.

And last, but not least, here are some belly shots I took tonight. Yes, I've gotten rather large and yes I'm in my pajama's, but you get the point!

Oh, one more thing! We are still trying to decide on a middle name for Becca. We've narrowed it down to two:
Please feel free to let us know which name you like best. I've got to start getting this little girl's stuff monogrammed:)
Much love to you all,
Amanda & JP


Heather and Travis said...

AMANDA!!! You have a little belly!! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever!!! So glad things are going well. I can't wait to meet this precious little girl! And I LOVE her name.

Allie said...

My vote is for Ansleigh!!

shannandrew said...

ANSLEIGH! Such a sweet name! <3 CONGRATS!

Anonymous said...

take the pants and panties own mom, love to see the belly bump and your pussy