Monday, December 28, 2009

Advice for a Mom-to-Be

Ok, this is a question on practicality for all you Mom's out there!

I'm looking at the following crib bedding for Becca - (which, by the way, I'm absolutely in love with):

So here's my question: Do you need the 'comforter' that comes with the set?

I'm thinking it's too bulky to actually use in the crib with the baby, so why buy it? Right????

Feel free to give me any advice/suggestions you have about crib bedding - or anything else you think we might need to know in order to successfully raise this child.

Remember, we have no idea what we're doing:)


Anonymous said...

Amanda unless you want it for decoration, do not buy it. I bought one with my bedding and it sits drapped on the chair the whole time. You can not use it in the crib with the baby because of them sufficating on such a big blanket. Maybe this will help...if I had to do it over again I would have just gotten a blanket and monogramed it to drap over the rocking chair.

Anonymous said...

We used ours to lay on the floor when we "played". Mary Katherine is 13 and Wills is 9 and we still use it as a lap blanket now:) Do what you feel best about:) Your gut instinct is what is going to get you through parenthood anyway:) It is the best ride every!!!

-Christy King

Heather and Travis said...

You do not need the comforter! Or at least not for the crib. Ours hangs over the rocking chair or MK plays on it. And you won't be able to use the bumper guard for very long. Love the bedding! :)

Emilie Ingram said...

Ours hangs over the rocker too! That must be the popular place. It looks pretty, but as expensive as most of them are, I def wouldn't pay a lot for it to just lay there. Loooove the bedding you chose!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, LOVE THE CRIB!!! We ordered the quilt for both of ours, and at the beginning you definitely will not use it!! We used ours on the back of our glider just like others are saying and then we would lay it on the floor for them to play on, but when Madison was old enough to move to her toddler bed, (when we converted her crib) we used it as her comforter then and it fit perfectly!!! Now that she is in her big big girl bed we no longer use any of that bedding... I am planning on using it for Blake's bed as well when we move him to the toddler bed.. And everyone says you will take our your bumpers early, but with both of mine they stayed in until I converted their cribs to beds, because my kids would stick their legs in between the slats and scream when they would get stuck, now Blake uses his bumper for a pillow!! :) Hope this helps feel free to call me anytime if you have any questions!!

Ashley Kolb

Genna Clark said...

I love your bedding for Becca! With my oldest daughter, we bought everything. We never used the diaper stacker and we put the comforter on the wall as a decoration. Now, with the twins I only bought the dust ruffle, bumper and crib sheet. I am still using the bumper even though the twins are 10 months...their legs and arms got stuck when we tried taking the bumper out once they could roll over. Can't wait to meet Becca!

Love ya'll,