Saturday, May 15, 2010

mother's day

this day certainly has a brand new meaning for me. it's because of this sweet angel that i can now call myself a mom.

we are now a family of three

gg, becca, and myself

gg's first mother's day as a grandmother


all of the moms

my cup runneth over

i hope all of the mothers had a fantastic mother's day. i know i sure did:)
the pyles

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Jennifer McDonald said...

I love your blog. Am I commenting in the right spot? My heart melted when you mentioned tearing up at putting up clothes they have outgrown. It rips my heart out and I have done it twice. Wow. Speaking of clothes, I have never seen so many adorable outfits as all the ones in these pictures. You must change her twice a day for her to go through them all! I cannot wait to hold her. How is everything?

Jennifer McDonald