Thursday, July 8, 2010

savings, swimming, & smiling

So, I've recently become interested in the whole coupons/saving money thing. I know that we spend entirely too much money each month at the grocery store, so I spent a few hours the other day reading several peoples blogs who share how they save money.
I decided to give it a try!

I began with Rite Aid. I don't think I've ever shopped here, and to be honest, I didn't realize we had one in Chapin, but several people mentioned the great deals they have. I began by checking out their website. Here I looked at their weekly sales ad and made a list of things I use that were on sale. I then found a way to get coupons from them just by watching short video clips on various products.

Here are the items I bought today.

Pampers Cruisers - $11.99
Coppertone Spray Sunscreen - $9.99
Renu Contact Solution - $7.29
Rite Aid Ibuprofen x 2 - $14.98
Total w/ tax- $47.35
Total I paid with sales prices & coupons - $10.44
Rite Aid is currently offering rebates on the Renu contact solution ($7.29) and the Pampers (2.99). In 2-3 weeks I will receive a check from Rite Aid in the amount of $10.28, meaning I will have paid out of pocket only $0.16!
Can you believe it? All of that stuff for only $0.16!!!

My next savings weren't as great, but still good. This time I went to CVS.

Pampers - $17.99
Folgers Coffee - $4.89
CVS 10 pack of batteries x 2 packs - $12.98
Notebook - $3.69
Total w/tax - $42.32
Total I paid with sales prices and coupons - $14.54
Like I said, not as great as my savings at Rite Aid, but still a savings of $27.78!

This saving money thing is great - & kind of fun! It's amazing the coupons you can find online:)

Now, on to more interesting things, or a more interesting person! Below are pictures of Becca from this past weekend!

Happy 4th of July

Sweet girl swimming at Grandmomma's & Papaws.

Becca & Papa

Happy baby:)

I love holding my sleeping baby:)

Don't you want to eat her?

Ahhhh, those eyelashes!

Talking to her daddy;)

I took Becca for her first walk on the dam...

& Daddy got to come too!

Playing with her lion - she doesn't look like she wants to share:(

LOVE these bloomers:)

Big girl - she loves her exersaucer!

She can even press the buttons & make it light up:) We're pretty sure she's a genius!

We hope you all had a great weekend! Make sure to check back for more pictures of our precious baby girl!
The Pyles

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