Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunshine & Summertime

Yesterday, this little girl went swimming for the first time!

Thanks to Lala & Jason, she had this great float to play in:)

After floating for a little while, she hung out on the steps.

We had such a great time playing in the pool with our sweet angel! She loved being in the water and we can't wait to take her swimming again.

After an afternoon in the pool, we came home & had some friends over for dinner.
To get everyone in the patriotic spirit, JP made this great cake:) I love him & the fact that he loves to cook!

When we finished eating, I tried to get a few pictures of Becca.
At first, she really wasn't in the mood...

but then she changed her mind and showed us what a happy baby she really is:)

Before we put the babies down, we took this great picture:) These mommies love these two babies an awful lot!!!

NOTE: These next two pictures have nothing to do with our festivities on Saturday, but they're so cute I had to include them!

Here is baby Hayes showing JP his newest trick - High Five!
Please note he is wearing the correct colors now:)

And just in case anyone is wondering, Becca's arrival hasn't done much to lessen Grace's need for attention. Here you can see how she is making good use of the Boppy!

You have to love her:)

Tomorrow we will be celebrating the 4th with JP's parents at the pool again. I'm sure we'll have some more great pictures to share, so be sure to check back:)

The Pyles

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