Saturday, October 9, 2010

crusaders for the cure

this was an amazing sight!
one that i won't soon forget.

this was part of the crowd of people who came together last saturday to participate in the walk for breast cancer.

people of all ages came out for this walk.

these two babies participated for the first time - both of them walking strolling for some very special ladies.

hayes was here for his grammy...

and becca was here for her ya ya!

in all, we were walking for 3 amazing ladies who have unfortunately been affected by this awful disease.

as soon as we got there, we ran into cocky so of course we had to get a picture.

obviously jason and i were more excited than the babies!

this was my second year participating in the walk, but this was jp's first time:)

(becca was here last year - in utero)

i feel very blessed to have been able to do this walk with my sweet family.

it made it even more fun that we had our friends with us.

at the end of the walk, becca and hayes enjoyed being out of their strollers.
they held hands for a little while...

and then gave each other a sweet kiss!

i am honored that we were able to do this walk.
i pray that a cure is found soon.
soon so mary and linda no longer have to fight for their lives.
soon so that this sweet girl never has to know this devastating disease.

won't you be a crusader next year?

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