Wednesday, September 29, 2010

politically correct?

i must warn you that this post is somewhat of a rant - really it's my way of venting over a frustrating experience i recently read about. and while i do consider myself a very considerate when it comes to the feelings of others, this is one topic that i will not back down to despite the fact that some may be offended.

a young man who attends our church posted on facebook yesterday that he had just walked out of one of his classes because he was told he was ignorant for believing in the Bible because it (the Bible) is all just a myth written by random men. he was also told that the resurrection of Jesus Christ never took place.

i thought long and hard about this situation because it bothered me for so many reasons, but mainly because of how 'politically correct' our society has become.

why is it that i cannot share my Christian beliefs with people without being 'offensive' or 'pushy' or 'close minded', but those who do not believe in God may say what they want and it is ok?

it makes no sense to me! our society is more concerned about not offending people than they are about living their lives right - the way God commands us to.

i cannot teach about God and Christianity in my classroom because, to some, it has not been proven. the ironic part of this is that i am expected to teach about other things that happened in history hundreds of years ago, even though the only reason people know about those 'historical events' is because they are in history books.

well folks, what do you call the Bible?

and finally, my physical proof that God exists:
how can you look at this angel and think that anyone other than God could have made something so amazing?


Allison Goetz said...

Totally agree! On a side note this is my favorite outfit!! I wonder if they have it in my size? Find out for me;) Love, Becca's AA

Lyndsee B said...

oh sweetie. I could not agree more. Quite frankly, I'm amazed your post was as short as it is. :) but I always remind myself, Jesus died when he was 33. he had a following, yes, but he had a lot of people who hated him and wanted him dead. I figure, I'm probably not doing something right unless I have a few people who don't necessarily want to be my friend. =D

I'm lucky to be your friend. I'm super proud of you and Jeremy and I love that we can share our lives as sisters (and our daughters!) Keep your chin up!!! <3

Anonymous said...

You have it right!!!]
Its time Christians stop being told to shut up and not offend people. Well, they offend me and I pray that till I draw my last breath Jesus will be my plea!!! I bank my whole life on this!!!