Monday, September 13, 2010

happy (5 month) birthday to you!

Today my baby was officially 5 months old! We had a lot of fun taking her pictures.

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

This little girl doesn't want to sit still...

because it's much more fun to move around!

It was hard to keep her from knocking over the bear and moving the blocks!

These sweet little hands...

put everything in this sweet little mouth:)

To my sweet Becca,
You have brought us more joy than we ever could have imagined. You are the perfect baby. You are happy ALL of the time. You still love to sleep, especiallly at night. You started eating cereal this past Saturday, and like everything else, you are a natural. You still nurse when you are home with Mommy, but take your bottles at Mrs. Nat's. Your Exersaucer is your favorite toy. You love watching Sesame Street and Barney. You smile at everyone - but you smile extra big at Daddy and me:) I don't know what we ever did without you, but we are very thankful that God gave us you! We love you to the moon and back always and forever!



You are a beautiful every sense of the word!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful grand daughter Becca, it seems like I have never been without you! I love you very much. You have given us so much happiness.
Your smiles are wonderful but your smiles for Mommy and Daddy are something to see!!
Someday when your older we will do lots of fun things!!!!