Saturday, September 4, 2010

happy birthday to who?

This post is another example of my slackness busy past couple of weeks!

We celebrated my Mom's (aka GG) birthday back at the end of July. We had everyone over to the house and it was a great time.

This was Becca's first birthday party!

This was GG's first 'GG' cake:)

Becca got lots of love that night....

from her Uncle Travis and Amy,

and her great grandmothers - Mamaw and YaYa!

We had so much fun just being together!

Hope you had the best birthday ever GG!


Now just a few weeks later this sweet girl was all smiles because it was her Daddy's birthday!

Becca enjoyed helping Daddy open his cards!

She also really enjoyed playing with Daddy's gifts.

But as is the case with most kids, the wrapping paper proved to be the most fun!

Ah, what can I say?

I love my life as a Mommy & a wife:)

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