Tuesday, February 15, 2011


this valentine's day was so special.
i mean, what better valentine than this sweet girl?

we started the morning off with becca opening her gift from us.

she had a lot of fun with the card...

and tissue paper:)

she had lots of goodies in her bag.
she got new spoons, pacis, pajamas,
and her favorite
a new book!

we sure do love our little valentine:)

becca is definitely spoiled because we weren't the only ones who got her a valentines day present.
nat also got all of her babies a balloon & present.
becca had puffs, a stuffed monkey, and a new bowl in her gift bag.

but obviously she loved the balloon the best!

not long after we got home, uncle travis came over and took becca outside to ride in her wagon.
can you tell how much fun she was having?

but the fun didn't end there.
grandmomma came over to bring becca yet another valentine's gift.
again, she LOVED the card!

look at all of the music she can make now:)

THEN, gg came over to give becca another valentines gift!
this little girl surely is rotten blessed!
gg gave her a new book, some socks, spoons, and the best of all -
her monkey balloons!

it's amazing the new feelings of love you experience when you become a parent.
we certainly have another reason to celebrate the day!
i am very blessed to have the best husband and daughter in the world.

wishing everyone lots of LOVE!

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