Thursday, February 17, 2011

the way you look tonight

saturday was a big day for this little girl!
it began with a nap that afternoon.
this is what you call good sleep.

then we got all dressed up!

complete with jewelry!

gg was there

and so was uncle travis:)

we were a little nervous about taking becca to the wedding ceremony, but since we knew there would be several other kids there, we decided it would be ok.
she made it through the first 5 minutes of the wedding, and then jp had to take her out because she was getting restless.
fortunately, the ceremony was fairly short, so we could head over to the reception.
this little girl enjoyed sampling all of the food - surprise, surprise:)
here daddy was feeding her strawberries.

and the verdict?

she loved it!
here she is clapping for herself!

and what could have made this night more fun?
nat was there!
this little girl sure does love her:)

1 comment:

Sherry Pyle said...

These are beautiful pictures!! Especially the one of her and GG. Wow becca looks so much like a toddler now!!!