Saturday, April 9, 2011


JP and I are watching a show on TLC about sex in America.
They just showed a statistic that says that 2500 TEENS get pregnant in America everyday.
Let me repeat that for you: 2500 TEENS get pregnant in the US E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y. That is unbelievable!
And to top it off, it costs the American tax payers 9 billion dollars a year.
My jaw is on the ground. How has this happened?

The show is blaming the school system - Of course! It's always the schools' fault. Their stance is that public schools wait until 9th grade to teach kids about sex, and by that point, it is too late.
I do agree with one part of that - waiting to talk to your child about sex until they are in 9th grade is a mistake.
Children need to hear the FACTS about sex way before that point, but they also need to hear that sex is an act that takes place between two married people.

Now, before I have people attacking me for saying that 'sex is for married people,' please let me explain. I did not always make the right choices in my life. In fact, before I became a Christian (almost 3 years ago), I made A LOT of choices that were not right. But I can no longer dwell on that. I made the decision to accept Christ as my Lord & Savior, I was baptized, and my sins were washed away - that is still hard to totally grasp! What an amazing gift I was given.

Anyways, back to my original topic - the out of control teen pregnancy/sex thing. I DO NOT feel that it is the public schools' responsibility to teach children about sex.
WE need to educate our children about sex, AND how important it is to wait until they are married to have sex!
It's no different than how we teach our kids to clean their rooms, or say please and thank you, or be kind & respectful to others.
It's a part of being a parent!

Another side being taken on the show is that churches are wrong for teaching abstinence. Several teens are saying that they feel their churches should have a program in place that teaches about safe sex. It should teach them about their options. Again, my jaw is on the ground.
Saying that is like saying that churches should not teach monogamy in a marriage. Instead, they should just teach safe sex when you cheat on your spouse.
OR, that churches should not teach about forgiveness. Instead, just teach how to be safe when you take revenge and/or kill a person who has wronged you.
OR, that churches should not teach about being honest. Instead, they should just teach you how to be safe when you committ robbery.
The Bible is very clear on these topics.
There is no room for discussion.
You can live your life one of two ways:
THE RIGHT WAY or the wrong way.

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Lyndsee B said...

It deeply saddens me. Parents are so ignorant. It's awful. God set things up a certain way for a reason. The other day someone was actually amazed I got married before I had a baby. :'( where is God in the world? Why have people left Him in raging numbers?? I cherish my God and my faith.