Saturday, April 2, 2011

olympic gold medalist in the making

I know that many of you are confused by this title. And you will be even more confused when I tell you that I am the gold medalist in the making. My 'sport' isn't part of the Olympics YET, but I plan to share my ideas with the Olympic committee for the upcoming 2012 summer Olympics.
Does anyone know if they are open to suggestions?
Anyways, as a new mom, I've learned many new skills. Because some of these skills take a lot of practice AND cause me to break a sweat, I feel that it is only fair that they be classified as a sport.
And since they are a sport, they should be a part of the Olympics. I mean if ping pong table tennis is a part of the Olympics, then my new sports should be added, no questions asked!
* No disrespect meant to table tennis players*

So, do you want to know what my new 'sports' are?
Drum roll please!

Sport 1: Diaper Changing of a mobile child
Sport 2: Snot sucking of a mobile child

Winners would be determined by whoever completes them the fastest and with the most accuracy.
All babies used in the contests will be required to be very mobile and very active - over the age of nine months.
Disclaimer: No babies will be harmed in the participation of these sports.

So what do you think?
Any takers?
I'm just warning you that I am a master at both sports, and I fully plan to take gold in both events.
London 2012 here I come!

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