Thursday, January 5, 2012

20 months and counting


It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these Becca update posts, and she is doing so much now, so I wanted to share.  Sometimes it seems like she changes overnight.  Here are her stats:
  • weight – 30lbs
  • size 5 diaper
  • her eating has changed – she’s definitely much pickier, but for the most part she’ll try things (especially if you tell her there’s cheese on it.)
  • she’s not much into meat
  • she can sing her ABC’s
  • she can count to 11
  • she wears 18 – 24 month clothes (some 2T)
  • she has developed some “sassiness”
  • NO is her favorite word
  • time out is our most effective form of discipline, and yes, we have to ‘discipline’ quite often
  • her favorite thing to do is read books – The Very Hungry Caterpillar gets read A LOT
  • Mickey Mouse is her favorite t.v. show – thanks goodness because The Wiggles were getting old
  • she is very healthy
  • she loves going to Nat’s and playing with all of her friends – Ha (Hanna), Anne (Marianne), Caire (Claire), and Hudson
  • she is still in the Cradle Roll class at church and she loves having Carolina in there with her now
  • she has a shoe obsession
  • she prays every night before bed, and it is so cute to see who will make her prayer list each evening
  • 7:30 is our bedtime, and she loves going to bed, which is nice for mommy and daddy
  • she will repeat everything she hears:)
  • she loves brushing her teeth and washing her hands
  • she can identify a circle, triangle, and square
  • she’s pretty good with colors, especially red, blue, green, and ‘lellow’!
  • Hayes is her favorite person of all time
  • every time you give her a cookie, she replies with, “Thank you Nat, welcome.”
  • she loves going to the zoo – giraffes are her favorite animal
  • she is the love of our life and we couldn’t ask for a better baby toddler!

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