Friday, March 22, 2013

Beau or Bow?

Well, tomorrow’s the big day!  The one you’ve all been waiting for!  Ok, maybe not the day you ALL have been waiting for, but definitely a day I’ve been waiting for since we found out we were pregnant on New Year’s Eve. 

Just like last time, JP and I both have our own feelings about the gender of this baby – I am 150% sure this is a boy, while he is going with girl.  I didn’t have much of a feeling either way with Becca, but because this pregnancy has been so very different, I have to think this is a boy.

Of course our main concern is that this baby is healthy – boy or girl really doesn’t matter.  Either way we’ll be very happy!

I’m not 20 weeks yet – I’m only 15 weeks – so many people are wondering how we’re finding out so early, and the answer is Wee See.  We used this ultrasound facility with Becca so we could find out early, and I had to do the same with this pregnancy. 

In the morning, we’ll go to Wee See at 8:30.  We are NOT finding out while we are there – instead we’re going to have the ultrasound tech put the ultrasound photos in an envelope, and our sweet Lauren will take the results home with her.  We are having the family over at 1:00 where we will do a balloon release to find out the gender of this sweet baby.  I’m very excited to find out with our family what our new addition is. 

Becca has her own ideas about the baby’s gender.  I’ve tried to convince her she’s wrong, but she won’t budge.  She is convinced I am having ‘2 babies’!  She has thought this from the moment we told her we were pregnant, so I’m hoping this doesn’t mean anything. 

(I have a really cute video of her talking about how SHE is going to have 2 babies, but I can’t get it to upload.)

I also let my students predict whether they think this baby is a girl or a boy – they love being a part of it.  Here is a picture of their results!

Class Gender Vote

I didn’t share my thoughts ahead of time in order to keep them from choosing boy because I am, but they still are obviously for Team Blue!  I can’t wait to find out tomorrow!  Please make sure you check back tomorrow to find out what we’re having.

And PLEASE, comment on this blog post letting us know what you think we’re having!


Anonymous said...

I'm with Betta I think team blue but 2 boys

Grandmomma said...

I'm with Becca two babies both girls. ha ha!!!!!