Friday, April 5, 2013

It's a BOY!

So, I know it's been almost 2 weeks since we found out that our newest addition is going to be boy, but I posted the news on Facebook, so I figured most people read that anyways!
JP and I chose to wait and find out the sex of the baby with our families, so we had to keep our eyes closed for several minutes during the ultrasound.  Our sweet Lala went with us, so she was the only one who knew what this baby was for the first few hours.  I thought all along that this baby was a boy, but JP felt just as strong that it was a girl.  We chose to do a balloon release so we could all find out together, and it was a lot of fun.  Below are the pictures from that day, and also the video of the the families' reaction!  Too funny!

 We are so excited to be welcoming Walker Brice into our family this September, and big sister Becca could not be more thrilled - most days, anyway!
And now, here is the video of the families reaction - priceless!

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Sherry - Grandmama said...

Love it!!! The look on Becca's face right before is priceless!!!
Then Jeremy just looking up at those blue balloons!!!!!
Then to see Carol and me jump up ha ha!!!
Just wait till he is older about Bryson's age and you show him this!!!!!!!
Well, all I can say is--------BECCA and baby Walker too!!!
Thank you Mommy you are doing all the hard work!!!!! You have made my son happy being the love of his life. You set the example and became a Christian first, having the faith he would follow, and he did. You are a great Mom. I'd say all those prayers when he grew up have been more than answered. Thank you for being who you are!!!!! I love you Mrs.Pyle.You have truly blessed my life.I hope I can always show you how much you are loved.