Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Walker - 1 month

Let me begin by saying that I cannot believe my baby is already a month old (well, he's actually 6 weeks old now, but just go with it).  He has been such a blessing to us.  I can't imagine life without him.  He's a great sleeper, a great eater (surprise, surprise), and a very calm baby.  He just fits right in with us, and we love him to the moon and back.

He is a very healthy baby.  At about 3 weeks, I took him in to the doctor because we thought he had reflux.  He was spitting up large amounts of milk every time he ate.  Dr. G is out on medical leave, so we saw the nurse practitioner (who is wonderful), and come to find out, it's not reflux - he was eating too much.  Because I'm nursing, I don't know how many ounces he's getting.  All I can do is time how long he eats.  The recommendation is they feed 10 minutes on each side (which is what he was doing), but evidently he was getting too much.  We cut back to him feeding five minutes on each side, and that did it.  No more spitting up!
One thing we haven't had to worry about is his weight.  This boy likes to eat, and obviously he's getting enough!  Here are his stats:
Sept. 6th (birthday) - 9 pounds
Sept. 9th (day we left the hospital) - 8 pounds 3 ounces
Sept. 10th (4 days old) - 8 pounds 5 ounces

Sept. 17th (1 1/2 weeks) - 9 pounds 11 ounces (only a week later)
Sept. 30th (3 1/2 weeks) - 11 pounds
Future football player???

Other important things:
2weeks old - lost umbilical cord
4 weeks old - began sleeping through the night!
He sleeps in his swing (Don't judge)
4 weeks - slept in his crib for the 1st time (for a nap)

He loves his sound machine (just like big sissy).  If he's fussy and you turn it on, he'll usually go right to sleep.  We have a portable one that is on his car seat - BEST INVENTION EVER!  He also loves the Woombie (again, just like big sister).
He is a happy baby.  If he cries, something is wrong.  He's got such a good disposition - I pray he stays this way.

Who does he look like?  Uncle Travis and Mommy.

He's got some hair.  A lot of the hair on top of his head has fallen out, but he's got a patch in the back that's pretty thick.
Eyes - still blue.

He likes his paci (or his fingers if he can't find the paci).

He grunts and wiggles CONSTANTLY.  It explains a lot about what I felt while he was inside me:)
Diapers - size 1, but it won't be long before he's in size 2.
Clothes - mostly 0-3 months

Here are some pictures from month 1 of his life:

  1st trip to the park

Big Sissy loves taking care of Walker.

Ya Ya and her 5th great-grandchild

My whole world

Happy baby

First Chapin High School football game

Walker even did the Breast Cancer Walk this year at 4 weeks old:)


Lyndsee B said...

I'm in love. desperately wish I could meet him and hold him... like our old mcallister dates :) love you 4 so much!!

Anonymous said...

You are so blessed! Love the pictures and all the details