Thursday, January 23, 2014

Walker–4 months

How is this even possible?  I really feel like I just found out I was pregnant – but that was a year ago New Year’s Eve.  Here’s the latest on our sweet boy:


weight:  16 pounds 1 ounce (75th%)

length:  26.5 inches (93rd%)

clothes:  size 6-9 months

diapers:  size 2 & 3 (He can still wear 2’s, but I went ahead and bought 3’s so he wouldn’t outgrow them.)

personality:  THE happiest baby.  He smiles all of the time.  He’s even started laughing out loud.  He definitely recognizes us, but his favorite person is Becca.  He lights up every time he sees her.

food:  breastmilk – He’s taking 5 ounce bottles when he doesn’t nurse. 

eye color:  gray

hair color:  dirty blonde with a hint of red

sleep:  ALL night!  I was definitely blessed with good sleepers.  He usually goes down about 8:00 and gets up between 5:30 & 6:00.

naps:  He isn’t on a schedule with naps yet.  He just cat naps throughout the day.  I’m sure Nat will have him on a schedule in no time.

talking:  He ‘talks’ all of the time.  He just babbles and coos.  I love to listen to him.


sophie giraffe

This is his new favorite thing.  He’s teething, and he loves to chew on this.  I’m hoping he cuts some teeth soon because poor thing stays soaking wet from all of the drool.


He loves his paci (just like Becca).  We use the Soothies by Avant.  It definitely calms him down when he’s upset, but he doesn’t have to have it when he sleeps (which I love so I’m not up all night putting it back in his mouth).

cloud b giraffe

He also loves his Cloud B giraffe that hangs on his car seat.  It is a sound machine, so when we’re out somewhere and he wants to nap, I just turn it on and he goes right to sleep.


And last but not least, the Exersaucer.  He loves being able to sit up and look around.  He hasn’t figured out the toys yet, but every now and then he’ll accidentally hit a toy and it will make noise.


Bath time is one of his favorites.  He kicks and splashes the whole time.

We love having our family of 4.  It hasn’t been as hard of an adjustment as I thought it would be (at least not yet, anyways).  He just fits with us perfectly. 


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