Monday, April 28, 2014

Becca turns 4

I'm not sure why, but having a 4 year old makes everything seem different.  I guess at 4 you're no longer a toddler.  You're officially a kid.  Becca has brought so much to our lives.  She is an incredible little girl, and we have enjoyed watching her grow up.  Here's a look back at her year!
She found out she'd be a big sister!

Still sweet & innocent...

and sassy as ever!

She went to cheer camp...

and dance camp with all of her friends!

We went to the beach.

She was so excited to help open all of Walker's gifts!

This was the morning as we left for the hospital.  I'll never forget how excited she was!

This moment absolutely took my breath away.  Never has there been a little girl so excited to become a big sister.

She got to be in  a parade for the first time - the Okra Strut parade with Dance Dept.

She went deer hunting with Daddy for the first time!

She was Sleeping Beauty for Halloween.
At our church's Trunk or Treat, our family dressed up as members of the Duck Dynasty.  Hayes was Turtle Man.  And yes, they are still planning on getting married!

She began taking tap & ballet.

She actually 'got' Christmas!

Hayes and Becca had their 1st planned sleepover at our house.

We got to spend Christmas with my extended family in NC.

It snowed...a lot (for SC)

She gave lots of kisses & hugs to Bubby!

She had a mermaid themed 4th birthday party.  We got a bounce house, and all of her friends from Nat's, dance, church, and other places came over.  We had a great time.  Instead of getting presents for herself, she asked all of her friends to bring donations for Pets Inc.  We want to teach her that she doesn't 'need' everything she sees on tv.  We also want her to appreciate what she does have.  She really enjoyed seeing what all everyone brought for the dogs, and she really enjoyed taking the donations (minus the fact that she got bit by a dog while we were there).  I know I'll probably spend the rest of my life saying this, but I cannot believe how fast she's growing up.  I truly wish I had a pause button!  I try to soak in every sassy minute I spend with her.  I know it won't be like this forever.
In an attempt to help me capture who she is at 4, I decided to do an interview with her.  Here's what she had to say (verbatim and without any prompting!)
And to start you off, as I was explaining to Becca that I was going to ask her questions so I could type them on my blog, she asked what kind.  I told her it would be about things she liked.  She said, "Oh, like my favorite color and animal?  Anything I say you'll put on there?'
I told her yes, and she quickly followed it up with, "Except no bad words.  You won't type dumb on there because that's bad."

What's your favorite color?  PINK, BLUE, & GREEN
What's your favorite toy?  BARBIE DOLL, RACE CAR, AND A TRAIN
What's your favorite food?  CHEESE
What's your favorite thing to wear?  DRESSES & SKIRTS
What's your favorite animal?  A GIRAFFE
What's your favorite song?  SPEAK LIGHT (Speak Life by Toby Mac)
What's your favorite book?  Big Sister
Who's your best friend?  MARIANNE, HANNA, & HAYES
What's your favorite thing to do outside?  RIDE ON MY RED BIKE
What's your favorite stuffed animal?  CAMO
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A CHEERLEADER

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