Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby Shower #4

This surprise shower was thrown by my sweet children at school - along with the help of Kellie Bates (the art teacher) & 2 of my fabulous moms.
They all pitched in and got us a gift card to Babies R Us, and we feasted on chips, cake, & soda! (Why I agreed to let them get all sugared up at 9:30 in the morning is beyond me!)
Several of the children also brought us gifts - a sweet princess pillow, a handmade quilt & diaper bag, a cute polka dot basket filled with diapers, baby wash, & a precious Gap bathing suit:)
It was wonderful and so, so appreciated!!!

We played the game 'Guess how big around Mrs. Pyle's belly is' and JaBrie was the winner - her string was the perfect length!

I also had to give this sweet boy some credit - his string only wrapped half way around my belly. Bless his sweet heart for thinking I was that small:)

I really do have the most amazing job in the world!

Only 26 days left until Becca's due date - although we're hoping this "bigger than average" baby might decide to make her debut a little early. (That part in quotation marks would be the words out of Dr. Estes mouth on Tuesday)
As it stands now, I will work through April 16th - but only because Spring Break is the 1st week in April, so I'll get a little break:)

We'll keep everyone posted on what this sweet babe decides to do!!!! Hopefully we'll be posting pictures of her in the near future!

Much love,
The Pyles

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful students!!!! You were born to be a teacher.