Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Swaddles, Snuggles, & Sweet, Sweet Smiles

I'm going to try and play catch up - or I'll try to fill you in on everything that's been happening over the past few weeks anyways!

Let's start with sleeping.
Many of you know that our sweet girl
a) requires A LOT of sleep
b)MUST be swaddled to sleep in her crib.
My mom bought us a swaddle blanket to see if that would help Becca sleep in her crib, and it worked like a charm.
The only problem...

our little 'Houdini' can wiggle her way out!

The Woombie!

This fantastic blanket zips up tightly, but is made of very stretchable fabric so your baby can still move around.
I am so glad I found this amazing blanket, and would highly reccommend it to anyone whose baby has trouble sleeping through the night on their back!

Look how peaceful she is! Becca loves her Woombie - or Zombie as her Daddy calls it!

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for the above post - oh, how I wish:)

Ok, no more advertising.

So, what has Miss Becca been up to?

She found her feet, and she loves them:) They are the toy that never goes away.

She also loves to play in her Exersaucer, but her favorite part?
The tags!

I sure have missed being home with her, so we love on her as often as we can.

She loves playing with her Daddy.

(And I love that they are making the same face in this picture.)

Becca is already helping in the kitchen.
Here she is helping Mommy make Rice Krispy Treats:)

One of my favorite parts of having a daughter is being able to dress her up!
Check out this bow:)

By the way - this shirt couldn't be more true!

I steal snuggles as often as I can.

So does Daddy!

But sometimes this big girl likes to get down and play.

Sundays are our favorite day of the week.
I LOVE dressing Becca up!
Here she is wearing her sweet bubble outfit from Mrs. Jackie!

And this precious pillowcase dress is Mommy's great online find! Love it!

We hope everyone is having a great school year!
The Pyles


Lyndsee B said...

I love you guys.
End of story.

Rachel K said...

You should submit this blog to the Woombie website. Maybe Becca will become famous. I will have to remember the Woombie for future babies. I've heard about them, but didn't know anyone who used them. Juliana hated sleeping on her back. I used the velcro swaddlers and had to prop her up with a boppy or let her sleep in her swing. Glad everything is going well for you guys.