Friday, November 5, 2010

splish splash

Now that becca can sit up, we decided to let her & Hayes play in the bathtub together.

Becca had so much fun!

She tried really hard to get Hayes to play with her...

but he was not into sharing his bath time!

So, we tried again!

GG bought Becca this really cool bath chair. Even though Becca can sit up on her own, when she gets excited, she forgets she can't crawl yet and falls over. Needless to say bath time can be quite the workout.
Not anymore though - she loves her seat.

And this time when she & Hayes played in the bathtub, they BOTH loved it!

He can make her laugh like noone else:)

I'm sure they'll love the fact that we took these pictures when they're older - but that's ok. We have a video too!

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