Monday, December 6, 2010

something to talk about

So, she did it.
She officially said her first word.

Now, she's been babbling for a long time.
Even making sounds that sound like words - ie. dada

But it wasn't until last week that she said her first word with meaning behind it.

What was this word you ask?

No, it was.....

The dogs name, really?

Why in the world would I hope that Mama would be her first word?

I mean I only gained A LOT of weight, got stretch marks, was miserable with acid reflux for 8 MONTHS, AND had my stomach sliced open for her.

Jack - really?

If I'm being honest though, she's always loved Jack.

And now that she can actually play, he is too much fun!

So while I might be a little bitter that Mama wasn't her first word, I know that her & Jack will be the best of friends!

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Anonymous said...

She is my Grand Child I have loved dogs since i can remember!!! she is amazing!!!!!