Monday, January 3, 2011

2010: a year in review

So, I stole saw this cute idea on MK's blog, and I just had to do it.
Here is a look back at our 2010!

January - Another look at our sweet angel:)

February - a wonderful shower for becca thrown by some amazing friends:)

March - WOW! I was HUGE!

April - we became a family of 3.

May - already a happy, happy girl!

June - what can you say about this sweet picture?

July - b's first vacation & first trip to the beach.

August - mommy went back to work & becca started going to nat's.
(fyi - nat is going to kill me for posting this picture again, but i happen to think she looks great!)

September - we tried rice cereal for the first time & LOVED it!

October - mommy & daddy's little pumpkin!

November - the BEST thanksgiving ever because i had my husband home AND we had our baby girl there to celebrate:)

December - a holly, jolly christmas!

2010 was our best year yet. Becca has, and continues to be, our biggest blessing. While looking back at these pictures makes me sad because I realize just how much she has grown, it also makes me very excited for our future! I look forward to watching the amazing toddler, little girl, and woman she will become! I hope everyone can count their blessings of 2010, and look forward to the upcoming year. I am excited about all that is to come - especially the new babies that are to be born this year (yes, I said 'babies' plural)! And before people get too excited, WE ARE NOT PREGNANT - I AM REFERRING TO OTHERS WHEN I SAY THAT:)

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