Tuesday, March 15, 2011

11 months

Another month has passed, leaving us with only a month until we hit 1!  Where has the time gone?  I truly can’t believe that I’m planning my baby’s first birthday party!

We’ve been busy – as usual – but having so much fun!  Taking pictures has gotten much more challenging.  Oh how I miss the days when I could lay her somewhere and she would still be there when I got back:)




After trying to take several 11 month pictures, we decided to wait and try again after church.




Needless to say, that didn’t work!  This little girl is way too busy to sit still & take pictures!


At 11 months, here is what Becca has been up to:

  • she weighs 22lbs 7 oz
  • she started on Similac Advanced formula a few weeks ago – she is still breastfeeding, we are just supplementing with formula
  • she takes 6-8 oz. bottles at a time
  • she nurses in the morning and at night
  • she started whole milk this past weekend – only a cup a day (we will gradually increase the amount)
  • we took paci away – she’s done great.  You would never know she had one.
  • she eats everything we give her STILL!
  • her favorite meat is ham or turkey & chicken nuggets
  • peas & sweet potatoes are her favorite vegetables
  • she only eats oatmeal cereal at breakfast now
  • we just moved up to a size 4 diaper
  • she is wearing 12 month clothes
  • she takes all of her bows out of her hair & that drives this mommy crazy
  • she has 3 new words:  bye, Hanna, & ball
  • she only takes 1 afternoon nap when she’s home, but still takes a little 45 minute cat nap in the morning at Nat’s
  • she can stand without holding on to anything
  • she blows kisses – in her own way:)
  • she is currently cutting 4, yes FOUR, new teeth!  She already has her upper & lower central incisors, her upper lateral incisors, her left lower incisor, and her left upper first molar.  She is currently cutting her right lower incisor and her other three first molars.  WOW!  She has a mouth full of teeth:)

teeth chart

  • she still goes to bed around 7:30
  • she is back to sleeping through the night!!!
  • she is very happy, but full of attitude!  I’m hoping this is a phase because I’m pretty sure I was told I wouldn't have to deal with this until she was 13?!


She LOVES her books (and the occasional pack of markers she finds because Mommy forgets to put them up, out of her reach!)


Bath time is so much fun – even though I end up totally soaked!


These sweet babies love playing together! 

We’re going to have so many blackmail pictures of them:)


A few weeks ago, we went to Jefferson, Georgia to celebrate JP’s Uncle Denny’s birthday!  Becca had so much fun playing with all of her second cousins!


Kennedy & Brock (2 year old twins) and Kenzie (10 years old) are Genna’s sweet children.

Juliana (the redhead) is also 2 and will be a big sister in just a few short months to baby brother Eric!  She is Rachel’s daughter.

I didn’t take nearly enough pictures, but we all had a great time.  We stayed with Genna & her family which was so nice because she had everything we needed (ie. pack n play, high chair, food) AND her house was clean & baby proof!


Sweet Brock!


‘Big’ cousins Juliana & Kennedy feeding Becca her bottle!  They were so sweet!

We can’t wait to go back & play!

These last 2 pictures are random pictures I ‘ve taken in the past week.  I thought I would add them for your viewing pleasure!


Becca may follow in her Lala’s footsteps!


And this, well, this is what you call bedhead!  She had literally JUST woken up, but was so happy!

Until next month!  Please pray that I can keep it together when I have to say that my baby is 1!

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