Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Do

Last Friday, Jeremy & I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.
I know it sounds cliche, but I really can't believe it's been five years.
I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday.

Everything from getting to the church,

to putting on my dress,

to taking pictures,

to walking down the aisle,

to saying our vows,

to taking some more pictures,

to signing the marriage license,

to dancing,

to going home with my husband!

As I look back at all of the pictures, I remember how happy I was - how in love I was.

But I have to laugh now because I had no idea then just how in love I would be now.

We were on our vacation at North Myrtle for our anniversary, so we went to dinner at Aspen Grille.

One word: A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

If you are ever in the Myrtle Beach area, you HAVE to go eat there.

It was THE best food we've ever had!

But, back to the important stuff:)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have been wanting my second wedding band since the day we got married our first anniversary. JP decided that I would have to wait until our fifth wedding anniversary to get it, but a month or so ago we had some unexpected expenses come up - mainly Grace (our dog) needing around $4,000 worth of surgery.

I know, I know - you can pick your jaw up off the ground.

Because of this, I knew my ring would have to wait.

As much as I wanted it, it wasn't a necessity.

So the night of our anniversary, I took a shower, got ready, and put my rings on right before we walked out the door. To my surprise, there were three rings laying where there are usually only two. I was speechless.

He did it! He got me my second band.

I love this man with all of my being.

He is my everything.

On our wedding day, I walked down the aisle to a song called 'When God Made You' and those words have never been truer.

'When God made you, he must have been thinking about me.'

I love you always and forever!



Kathy Hardison said...

How sweet and Happy Anniversary!

Lyndsee B said...

your hubby is such a dear. I miss you guys so much it just hurts. you look PHENOMENAL in your black and white photo--I LOVE your hair!!!! I love you and your family so much and I am so blessed to be called your friend. Happy anniversary!!!

p.s. where's the pick with the new ring??