Friday, November 4, 2011

forever friends

on this day, i'm thankful for the friendship these two already share.

maybe it's because they've known each other since becca was born,

or because these mommies are such great friends,

or because they've watched football games together.

It may have something to do with the fact that they've tested out 4-wheelers together at bass pro,

shared special moments like boo at the zoo,

had fun cheering on the gamecocks,

or for the simple fact that they can see past each others differences.

maybe it's because they've vacationed together,

or shared kisses on the beach,

or because pj's and bed head don't matter to them.

whatever it is, these two love each other and love spending time together.  it doesn't matter how often they see each other, they are always excited to play together again.
i'm thankful that becca has already experienced the joy of a true friend.
and just as a side note, if and when they get married, they're going to have THE best slideshow ever!
i'm just saying...

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