Tuesday, May 7, 2013

20 weeks and counting

So, this post is 2 weeks late, but that's mostly because I can't figure out how to blog from my iPad. O'well, better late than never. Here's a comparison shot of me at 20 weeks with Walker (on the left) and at 21 weeks with Becca (on the right).


I feel like my stomach is huge, and this picture just reiterates my thinking.
Anyways, Dr. Estes said everything looks great.  I'm measuring right on time, and we'll do our next ultrasound at 23 weeks (next week) to check on everything.  Overall, I'm feeling MUCH better!  Thanks to everyone who's prayed for me - for a while there I didn't think I was going to make it.  Here are my stats:
How far along?  20 weeks (at least I was in the picture)
Weight gain/loss?  I've gained 6 pounds since my 1st doctor's appointment, but I'm still down about 6 or 7 pounds from the day we found out.  YAY!  I'm pretty sure with Becca I had already passed the 20 pound mark!
Maternity clothes?  Yes - About 16 weeks I hit the point of no return.  I needed them much earlier in this pregnancy.
Sleep?  I'm sleeping, but it's not great.  I'm a stomach sleeper, so I struggle with that during pregnancy.
Best Moment This Week?  hearing that heartbeat - it was in the 140's.  That sound never ceases to be amazing!
Cravings?  Red meat (especially steak), vegetables, and salt:)  Totally opposite from my cravings with Becca.
Gender?  It's a BOY!  At least it had better be:)
Size of Baby?  the size of a banana (at 20 weeks)
Movement?  This child moves like crazy!!!!  JP was able to feel him at 17 weeks, and Becca a few days later.  He moves a lot when I first lay down at night - so much that you can watch my stomach move.  He also kicks a lot if I sit in certain positions.  He definitely prefers for me to be standing or laying.
Randoms:  I haven't actually thrown up in a few weeks, so that's definitely a positive.  I had an ultrasound done of my gallbladder at 12 weeks, and we found out that while I don't have gallstones, I do have 'sludge'.  Yuck!  For those of you who aren't aware, gallbladder problems run rampant on my  Mom's side of the family.  I knew it was just a matter of time before they hit me, I just wish it wasn't while I was pregnant since there's not much they can do.  Thankfully they've started me on a fantastic reflux medicine that seems to help a lot.  I just have to be really careful what I eat.
Check back next week - I'll be sure to post pictures of what Walker looks like now:)

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Grandmomma said...

All I can say is Awesome, Awesome, Totally!!!!

You look great!!!!

Becca loves him so much. In back he's pretty special to say the least to us all. A dream come true!!!