Friday, May 3, 2013

Now I lay me down to sleep

I'm writing this tonight because I want to remember sweet moments like this forever. Tonight, while putting Becca to bed, we ended our nightly routine. I always begin our prayers with the ever popular: Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. Angels guard me through the night, and keep me safe til morning light. I will then begin thanking God for various blessings in our life, and that's when Becca will begin interjecting her prayer requests. Tonight, this is what she prayed: "Thank you God for airplanes and skyscrapers." (side note - I had to stop and ask her what she thought skyscrapers were) "Thank you God for dogs. Thanks you for Molly Brown, Jack, and Grace. Thank you for our baby in Mommy's tummy." (She stops at this point to talk to Walker for a few seconds.) "Thank you for our tummies and our pants. Mommy, is baby Walker trying to get out of your belly button?" Me - No baby. Let's keep praying. "Ok, thank you God for baby Walker growing big in Mommy's tummy. Don't come out until you get big! Ok, Mommy! Now you pray." My heart melts when I hear her talking to God through prayer. I've prayed since I found out I was pregnant with her that she would know God and have a relationship with Him. While many of her 'thank you God for...' are silly, it reminds me of her innocence and how much we take for granted. When was the last time you thanked God for your pants?

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Viki Fecas said...

I thank God everytime I put on my pants....and they fit!!!!