Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We had our ultrasound 2 weeks ago at my 23 week appointment. I MAY have drank 1/2 a Coke prior to the appointment in an attempt to make sure Walker was 'up and moving' - bad idea. He was so active, the ultrasound took an hour because the ultrasound tech couldn't get him to be still long enough to look at and measure everything she needed to. Oops. We did get a good look at him though, and it really never gets old. I'm still amazed that there's a real baby in there. I mean I know there is because he moves ALL THE TIME, but seeing him just took my breath away. The first thing I wanted to know (after hearing the heartbeat) was if we were 100% sure he was still a he!
Well thank goodness he's not shy:)  It's definitely a BOY!

And despite him moving so much and constantly facing away from the camera OR covering his face, we were able to get a few other good shots!  Here's our handsome man:

 I'm pretty sure he was getting a little mad with us - check out that wrinkle in the forehead:)

 Already posing for the camera!

 Yes, that's the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, and no it's nothing to worry about (at least that's what they told us)!

Here's my current pregnancy stats:
How far along (at time of this ultrasound 2 weeks ago):  23 weeks
Weight gain:  9 pounds since my first doctor's appointment, but I'm back at my original weight that I started at the day I found out I was pregnant.
Maternity Clothes?  Absolutely, although I have found that I can wear some of my summer dresses:)
Sleep:  I can't complain.  It's not great, but at least I can still breathe when I lay down.
Best Moment this week:  Seeing our baby boy:)
Cravings:  These are really going away.  Every now and then I'll crave something salty, but for the most part, I just eat like normal.
Gender:  It's still a BOY!  Walker Brice Pyle
Size of the Baby:  At the ultrasound he was measuring 1 lb 7 oz.
Movement:  ALL THE TIME!  This child is an acrobat.  I think he likes to see how many ways he can flip and turn.
Randoms:  While doing the ultrasound, the tech kept going back to look at the stomach.  I noticed that there were two black areas  - one was his stomach because she had already pointed that out.  I started to get nervous, but I try really hard not to be 'one of those'.  The tech finally said she thought she knew what the other dark area was, but she wanted to get the opinion of another tech.  She left the room for what seemed like an hour (although I'm pretty sure it was less than a minute), and she was smiling as she said it was all nothing to worry about.  It was just his GALLBLADDER!  Really!  What are the chances.  This poor child doesn't stand a chance.  Evidently you don't normally see the gallbladder of a baby in utero.  Only my child:)

And just for fun, here are some comparisons of Becca and Walker.  Becca's ultrasound was done at 21 weeks and Walker's was done at 23 weeks, but they were close enough.

 I'm definitely thinking they don't look alike, but I guess we won't really know until he's here.

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Grandmomma said...

Gave my heart a skiped beat till I read it was his gallbladder. I think he is just a big boy!!!! Isn't it a shame nobody adores him and his sister Becca.We live to love them!!!!!!
Thank you for those two gifts that make my life soooo happy!!!!!!! ILY