Wednesday, June 23, 2010

any man can be a father...

but it takes someone special to be a dad!

Why is this sweet girl so happy?

Because her Daddy loves her, of course.

In case you can't read her onesie, it says, "Jesus loves me and so does my daddy."

This year, Father's Day was very special since it was JP's first time celebrating this holiday as a dad.

We began the weekend with a Father's Day dinner at church on Saturday night.

On Sunday, we went to church like always, but this was certainly a special Sunday.

After church, we went to Sherry & Dave's house to celebrate Father's Day with them, my mom, and MaMaw (Jeremy's grandma).

Here is the extra special cake Sherry had made.

It says, "Happy Father's Day David and Happy 1st Father's Day Jeremy."

I've known since the day I met JP that he was an amazing person. We just fit together so well. As we grew in our relationship and talked about having children, I always imagined what kind of father he would be - Christian, fun, loving, strict, laid back, etc. (I know some of those contradict each other, but it depends on the situation.)

I never worried about whether he would be good at it.

While pregnant, I got a glimpse as to what kind of father he would be, but nothing could have prepared me for who he has become. From the moment he laid eyes on Becca, he has been so in love with her. One of my favorite things to do is watch the two of them together when they don't know I'm paying any attention. He is so gentle with her - all he has to do is look at her and you can see his love for her.
I know Becca is too young to tell him how much she appreciates him, so I will take this opportunity to speak for her.


From the first time you held me in the delivery room, I could tell how much you loved me. Sometimes when I'm upset, you're the only person who can calm me down. I love it when you kiss me and tickle me with your scruffy face, when you rock me and read me stories, and when you sit me in my Bumbo and talk to me. God blessed me a whole lot when he gave me you. Thank you for being the best Daddy, and thank you for loving my Mommy so much. I can't wait until I can talk to you and play with you. I know I've got a great life ahead of me. I love you always and forever:)


(I'm pretty sure that's exactly what she would say if she could talk!)

And even though this picture has nothing to do with Father's Day, I had to post it because it is just too cute:)

As if our he weren't busy enough taking care of his girls, he's also got an amazing garden he's worked very hard on. This garden is his best ever. He planted squash, zucchini, tomatoes, jalapenos, banana peppers, pole beans, bush beans, corn, and sunflowers for Mommy.

The dogs have even gotten in on the gardening fun.

Here's the pick from tonight. Look at all of these amazing vegetables! We're eating really well these days.

And here are the sunflowers JP planted for us. I can't believe how tall they are.

They look beautiful in the kitchen.

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day. I know we did! Make sure you check back tomorrow for another special blog post:)
The Pyles


Terri Pope said...

Great, now I have mascara running down my face! Becca is blessed to have BOTH of you! And as you have probably already guessed...the wrap she has around his finger will only get tighter as she gets older...look at Lauren and Thad! :)

Anonymous said...

love to stick my tongue in her arse